Mightycare free tools for VMWare ESX Server

VMWareMightycare solutions, a IT Solutions company located in Germany has been putting together an impressive¬†list of¬†free tools for VMWare ESX…
Check out these great tools:
Snapshots: With this small script you are able to check your virtual machines on a esx server if there are in snapshot mode.

ESX-Patcher (BETA): Windows Gui to install VMware ESX-Server 3.x patches

VMStatus : You can Read the virtual machine from ESX-Server 3.5 or virtual center 2.5 and change the Time Sycronization

Storageview: Display the logical Partitions of all virtual Maschines on VMware ESX 3.x or Virtual Center 2.x . The Tool can display how many Gigabyte the Customer can save when he decreases the logical partition to a size the VM really needs.Download all these tools for free here

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