Which process is keeping this file in use in Windows 2003?

Have you ever found yourself wanting to replace a file but you couldn’t because Windows (2003) kept saying it was in use in Windows? Well today was one of those days where I was struggling to replace a corrupt Softgrid package on the Softgrid Server but kept getting: "File is being used by another person or program". This is how I managed to track the culprit down.

After checking the Softgrid Clients on the Terminal Servers I came to the conclusion they were not to blame. 
I then checked the open files on the Softgrid server which also turned up empty.
This step however at least revealed I needed to take my search to the Softgrid server locally since there wasn’t anything going on at the network level.
To help me find the culprit, I downloaded a freeware tool called "Handle" from the well known guru Mark Russinovich which as the website states: "is a utility that displays information about open handles for any process in the system. You can use it to see the programs that have a file open, or to see the object types and names of all the handles of a program."
After unzipping the tool I started my search with this command:
Just enter: handle ‘searchstring’ and it will look for anything it can find.

And there you have it! Even though I had removed the application from Softgrid, the SFTCore.exe process apparently had a hard time letting the application go.
So lets try and give SFTCore.exe a little help with releasing my file:
enter: handle -c 35EO -p 1172
(35EO is the hex address you see above and the 1172 is the process id)
Handle issues a warning  that this might make my system unstable but I was already desperate to get it done so I entered: "y" and voilà!
Handle acted like a true mediator in persuading SFTCore.exe to no longer keep the file hostage.

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