App-V migration live blogging on 28-11-2009

During the last couple of months in between internal projects, I’ve been working at my own little migration..Softgrid 3.2 –> App-V 4.5

Now if everything goes according to plan, I’ll be migrating our environment to the latest, greatest version of App-V this weekend.

Because there is still so much to do I can’t give a full report on all the steps. In short this is what I have done so far:

– Installed a second VAS server with the Lightweight Streaming server Software App-V 4.5 SP1 and copied all the 3.2 SoftGrid packages to this server. (finally, we can drop the unnecessary  management console. We use Powerfuse to manage the App-V packages)

– Reinstalled a test Terminal Server with its own Powerfuse database
– Downloaded and started the excellent ACDC Tool (App-V 4.5 Client Diagnostic and Configuration Tool) from Login Consultants to monitor the cache and error messages while starting all the applications on this test server.

– I was surprised to see that most packages were working without having to be touched by a App-V sequencer!
The older Softgrid sequencers did have a nasty habit of grabbing the content of the %windows%debug folder which with App-V results in errors like:
Self-Referential Mapping found: (Q:AssetDirVFSCSIDL_WINDOWSDebug)

– So the next step was to open all these applications in the App-V 4.5 Sequencer to get rid of these unwanted folders.

– Now that the broken packages had been fixed I invited the Application managers of the most critical applications and had them take the new packages for a test-drive in App-V.

– I took some time to figure out how and if I was going to do Preloading of the App-V packages. (food for another post, we’ll see how this goes first)

– That’s about all the testing I was able to put into this project. Today I’m going to to finalize some things and Saturday I’ll be blogging on how the migration is progressing: win, lose or draw!
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