App-V migration day

Here we go..!


11:40 arrived at the office

11:55 Some users still working in a couple of SoftGrid apps..have to wait till they are finished

12:05 First eat something..can’t think on a empty stomach

12:20 Office workers that work on Saturday hadn’t seen the memo on the intranet about the migration so they were keeping their SoftGrid Apps open. 🙁 That’s 20 minutes I won’t get back

12:25 Disable the SoftGrid services on the TS-servers that are available to the users

12:30 Remove the old VAS server from the domain and shutting it down

12:31 Giving the new App-V server the IP address of the old VAS server and placing it into the domain

12:40 Wasn’t able to ping new App-V server even though I gave it the old IP of the old VAS server. ipconfig /flushdns fixed that.

12:45 Using installation account to install backup agent software

12:50 Installing App-V streaming server software on new App-V server

13:00 Copying all the packages to the new App-V content folder

13:15 Adjust some reboot/preload scripts and distribute them across the TS farm.

13:20 Move 1 TS over to the new App-V client to check and see if I can launch applications from the new App-V server.

14:00 Logging in and starting some App-V apps with the new App-V client

14:05 The Apps that I started seem to be working…

14:10 Replicating App-V client installation script to all TS servers

14:30 Some of the new App-v packages I created are not doing
what they are supposed to for some obscure reason. Reverting these to older packages that work. (would have been a bonus)

14:58 Selecting new App-V osd files in Powerfuse to point to the updated packages

15:45 Busy reinstalling all TS servers with new client

16:58 Adjusting scripts to copy new .pkg to and from homedirs

17:20 Will be kicked out of the building at 18:00. I’ve done all I needed to do at the office. I’ll continue reinstalling the left over servers from home…

17:50 Removing the Softgrid client from the last servers then heading home to first eat and then install some more clients..looong evening ahead of me…

19:00 I’m home, just ordered some food which will take an hour to deliver 🙁 .

19:05 I’m going to open some servers that I already reinstalled so that I can free the servers that still need to be upgraded.

19:39 Almost done..3 servers left..still no food..

19:45 Food is here..I’m going to eat and relax for a bit..

20:45 Installed the remaining servers..calling it a night. I’ll be up early tomorrow to see if all the servers have preloaded correctly..thanks for being a part of the migration and have a great evening..

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