App-v production day 1

After finishing up some left over items yesterday, I arrived at 07:20 at the office on Monday morning…let’s see what happens today…

07:20 arrived at the office.

07:30 checked all servers..all servers have a full App-V cache..good stuff!

07:50 about 90 people logged in…I’m not hearing any screams across the hall which is a good sign in any organization 🙂

08:45 about 330 users logged in..not 1 single call from the helpdesk so far..

09:33 450 users logged in, one little issue with a package. Was a known issue, if this application doesn’t like the socks you are wearing, it will throw a hissy fit. My colleague and I hate this app with a passion. The app does work normally as long as you don’t use function xyz.

11:18 470 users, still going strong. Seeing some warnings in the event viewer: Failed unregistering callback tracking connected process termination (error: 997). Had seen this in my test environment when killing the SFTDCC process of a logged-in user. Can be safely ignored.

15:20 No issues reported by the helpdesk, now I’ll wait and see what tomorrow brings. The servers have had to deal with an honest day of Terminal Server work and I’m curious to see if the reboot and preload script will run without issue. For now I’m one happy camper!