VMUG 2009 Video Blog

Videoblogging from the VMUG 2009 today (This post will be updated during the day) and starting with:
Raw footage from the opening of VMUG 2009 by Viktor vd Berg. (video will show up as soon as Vimeo is done with it about 15 minutes 🙂 )

VMUG 2009 Opening video by Viktor vd Berg from Virtualistic.nl on Vimeo.

Following keynote of Richard Garsthagen..doing his missionary work…
explaining the vision of VMWare in all areas.
Shooting a small video of Richard

Richard Garsthagen During VMUG 2009 from Virtualistic.nl on Vimeo.

Richard shows us the introduction of VM KB TV:
and as a last plug
http://vmware.xfl.nl for technical dutch vmware webinars

10:50 Following Eric Sloof during a excellent session about EcoShell..sorry no video for this one, visit the VMUG next year 😉
Hoping that all of Eric’s EcoShell tips also work on 3.5 🙂
Battery is almost dead..signing off for now..

11:55 Went to the Project VRC, some very surprising results in their second phase of testing. Keep a close eye on the Project VRC site for the results and comparison between Hyper-V, XEN Server and VSphere.  Jeroen told the audience that their VSI tool will receive an update to version 2.1 in the next week or so.

13:00 Lunch

Lunch time at VMUG 2009 from Virtualistic.nl on Vimeo.

13:30 Currently following Viktor and his session about VMWare distributed Virtual Switches.

14: 15 Viktor is already wrapping up his session..I’m really looking forward to the next session from Bouke: Performance Troubleshooting HOWTO.  I was amazed to see that some employees from VMWare did not know who Bouke was.  In my opinion Bouke should have been a vExpert even before there ever was a vExpert title..! (so please take notice for the upcoming vExpert elections VMWare!)
14:56 Bouke’s session is kick-ass!

Final Minutes of Bouke’s session at VMUG 2009 from Virtualistic.nl on Vimeo.

16:00 Following Luc Dekens in session about PowerCLI and the SDK. 

16:18 Thanks to the guys at VMGuru for plugging my site

16:30 Luc’s demo video’s are not playing as planned..he’s kicking Firefox around without result so far..battery almost empty so saving a little juice in case I need it later on.
16:40 somebody downloaded videolan player through his phone..watching video’s now 🙂