App-V 4.5 SP1 and early Christmas boobytraps

As you may have read, we migrated from SoftGrid to App-V 4.5 SP1 a few weeks backs. What seemed as a flawless victory (take your pick) at first, turned out to be a swamp from which it was hard to escape…

I was pretty stoked after the first day. the helpdesk hadn’t been swarmed on, the App-V Streaming server did not crash and there were no flames coming out of the Terminal Servers. (As an sysadmin you quickly learn to be happy with the small things in life)

The second day, the weather changed and so did my luck.
App-V swamp
Our Helpdesk started receiving reports from a few users that they were unable to start a certain application they got kicked from.  The App would throw a Dr Watson error and simply not start. Sometimes it would help if the user logged off and on and by chance landed on another server (which makes sense). 
The “getting kicked out” part, was something we had even before we ever worked with SoftGrid but unable to login to this App was new)

The first thing I did was make a complete new package with the newest sequencer out there. (the current Package worked without issue during testing but I wasn’t taking any chances).
The next day, the Helpdesk still reported similar issues with this app. I started turning over rocks in the App-V forums and the MS KB’s but no luck until I found this KB. YES!!! There were actual fixes for applications that all of a sudden would not start:

In some scenarios, an application may not start, and you receive a DLL error or a "File Not Found" error. This issue is most likely to occur on a multiprocessor computer.
A virtual application that calls the RegQueryMultipleValues function may experience unexpected errors or cannot start. For example, you receive error messages when you start or shutdown the Trapeze application. Then, the application does not work correctly

But OH NO….this is the hotfix 006 for App-V 4.5 CU1 where is the hotfix for 4.5 SP1 WTF? It’s not there, now what? Wow dude that means I’m stuck!
help Microsoft, I'm Stuck with SP1

As some people really started to get annoyed, I deployed this “older/newer” App-V 4.5 CU1 with hotfix006 on a couple of servers and tested as much as I could. I then pointed the critical apps to these servers so see what would happen with this “older/newer” App-V Client.
Because the signs were good I then sat down with our IT manager and tried explaining this whole new Microsoft concept of a “older-client-with-a-newer-hotfix-which-turns-it into-a-newer-client-compared-to-what-we-have”.
Long story short: I decided to jump off what was left of my 4.5 SP1 ship and started swimming towards the 4.5 CU1 with hotfix006 shore.
It’s beyond me why Microsoft has chosen a path where customers are forced to choose between two clients within one product and then leave everybody in the dark about what the future holds for both clients. I thought installing the latest greatest version would be a safe bet..forget about it!

I made sure to leave my feedback on the Microsoft App-V forum hoping that someday, upgrading mission critical software doesn’t make you feel like when you were a little kid around Christmas.
You would get this (what you thought to be) awesome toy which in turn would die on you after a couple of days as a way of saying thanks for your enthusiasm…
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