How to sequence Yammer for App-V

To please the web 2.0 lovers in our organization (yeah you know who you are ) I was asked to have a look at sequencing the Yammer desktop application with App-V…

The Yammer desktop application is an Adobe Air application. So after you downloaded the Yammer.air package, download Adobe Air.
As I always say when doing a How-To: By no means, is this THE way to sequence this application, just the way I did it. Your mileage may vary. Use at your own risk etc. etc. etc. (BTW I think you can also use this tutorial for the most part if you are running a Terminal Server environment)
Fasten your seatbelts, here we go:
1) Make sure your App-V sequencer machine has a direct connection to the Internet (this will speed up the installation process somewhat). Place the Adobe Air installer and Yammer package on the sequencer machine before you start.
2) Create a new App-V package, when in Monitoring mode, start the Adobe Air Installer. You can’t tell it where to install. Just let it do its thing.
3) Now double-click the Yammer.air package and select the “Adobe Air Application Installer”

4) Install the package to your asset drive. (NOTE: The installer dumps a folder called “Yammer” behind the installation path so you don’t have to)
5) Now comes the tricky part: Yammer needs to authorize itself for each user. If I would start Yammer during the monitoring phase, the authorization process would take place inside the package which would..well uh, not be a good thing.
6) So stop the monitoring phase and finish the rest of the wizards as you would (ab)normally do. (Don’t start the Yammer Application after you’ve created the shortcut)
7) After you’ve completed the wizards, make sure to delete the following folders from your Files and the VFS Tab: (Basically the whole APPDATA Folder)
8 ) Now when you run the App-v package and start the Yammer application for the first time, you need to authorize it.
Yammer places some files in your
%appdata%AdobeAirELSYammer.bla folder

It then opens IE and takes you to the Yammer website where you have to authorize the application. Copy-paste the code in the box under step 2 to complete the authorization process.
9) The files in your %appdata%..yammer folder are now signed. If you have redirected your users’ %appdata% to their home directory, you are done for the most part. 
If you haven’t, you need to make sure that these signature files are saved for that user and the files need to be in place the next time you start the desktop application or else the authorization process will restart. (so start scripting!)
If you don’t want to your users to see the Adobe EULA screen or Adobe Air Updates do the following:
Place 2 empty files called: eulaAccepted and updateDisabled in the
%appdata%AdobeAir folder of your users.

To disable Yammer.air updates you need to edit and distribute a file called: config.xml which should be located in the
My DocumentsYammerYammerDesktop folder of your users.
Open the config.xml and change <updates>true</updates> to <updates>false</updates>
That’s all for now guys. I hope you found this How-To useful..!
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