Script to get the App-V applications on a computer

If you choose to run the lightweight version of the App-V infrastructure you miss out on some nice management features. I’ve been using some scripts to help soften the pain..

pwrshell_lg In a future blogpost I’ll show an easy way to remove an application from a Terminal Server when running the Lightweight version of App-v. The first thing I wanted to know was, what are the exact names of the App-v applications listed on a computer or a server? 
So I created a small powershell script that lists the Applications that the App-V client knows of. Besides having Powershell installed on your machine, you need permissions to access the registry of the computer you are querying.
So go-ahead,give it a try in your test environment(use at your own risk!) and visit the Virtualistic Download section to download the script.
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TAGS App-V, Application List, Script, Powershell