BIOS Upgrade on HP ML 110 G5 results in noisy fans

I’ve had an issue a couple of months back when I flash my ML 110 G5 with the latest BIOS. Here’s what happened…


I downloaded the latest BIOS from the HP site and flashed my ML 110 G5. After the system restarted,the fans usually make a lot of noise for about 30 seconds. This was now not the case!
The fans kept blowing as if there was no tomorrow!
So after checking the HP forums, there are a couple of routes you can take:
If possible, flash the Remote Management firmware BEFORE you flash the BIOS (I didn’t even know it was active because  I don’t have an iLO card stuck in there). 
Just to be sure, flash everything you may find on the HP site, just do it BEFORE you flash the BIOS.
Now can safely proceed with flashing the BIOS.

If you already flashed the BIOS you can try:
– Reverting back to the older BIOS and proceed with the steps above
– Flash the Remote Management firmware and then reset the CMOS and the blowing of the fans should return to normal.
!!!Use the provided information at your own risk!!!
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