Error 0C-0000003C when starting an App-V package

One of the most poorly documented errors on the Microsoft site but very common in the real world: When you start an App-V package, the application will not start and you are treated to an error which ends with: 0C-0000003C
In your sftlog.txt you might see something like:

Error code: 45246D3-0EC05E0C-0000003C

[03/08/2010 16:14:48:585 ???? ERR] {tid=144C:usr=username}
CSuite::InternalUpload failure  ec05e0c-      3c while uploading Virtual Filesystem
This is what I did to fix it

After searching Google and reading Microsoft KB1 and Microsoft KB2 everybody was pointing to,
I was still stuck with a package that would not start. After some tea and biscuits I remembered that I had seen this issue before. 

Besides the mentioning of the 0000003C in the KB’s mentioned above, this error may also occur if you sequence some stuff and then start an application that is located on a network share!
So I tried to sequence the needed application components, and then just placing the shortcuts on the Q-drive as I did before but this time NOT starting it during monitoring or the shortcut phase and Presto!
The application now starts without error.
I checked the previous package but there were no obvious traces of network(shares) to be found anywhere in the package.
Hopefully Microsoft can provide more information and/or fix this in a future version.
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