Using RRDtool and PowerShell to plot performance graphs

When Bouke Groenscheij (pronounced as “Bauke” not “Boeke”) is quiet he’s usually up to something. He created a brilliant way to grab performance stats and plot these into nice looking Graphs using Powershell and the RDD Tool.

Quoting Bouke on his excellent work:

I’ve been working on a quite cool project. When troubleshooting performance problems (or other kind of problems) I always gather important information first. One of the most important pieces is a detailed resource usage report. This report should always look the same and to visualize the graphs, I always made a screenshot of my VMware vSphere Client performance tab (you know – a picture is worth a thousand words), paste it into a Word document and then moved on to the next counter. Quite time consuming – especially when you need to gather info from multiple VMs.

Bouke’s script creates awesome looking graphs like this:
This should give more than enough reason to visit his article

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Tags: Powershell, RDD Tool, Plot Graphs, Performance