VKernel issues its first Virtualization Management Index (VMI) report

Using data drawn from over 2,500 virtualized environments representing over 550,000 virtual machines, the first VMI paints a picture of

significant resource under-utilization in virtualized environments. If not corrected, this resource underutilization represents a ROI risk factor as companies move to virtualize more mission critical applications.

In this first Virtualization Management Index (VMI) report, some of the most marked under-utilization of resources included:

  • Average VM densities of just 2 VMs per core
  • Allocated/actual memory of just 0.7
  • Over 40% of all VMs had over allocated CPU and memory

Specifically, all gains in VM density per host were mainly due to increasing core densities delivered by the hardware manufacturers and not related to improvement in capacity management processes.

Read more of this free report by downloading it from:


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