How to make internet explorer open a list of urls one at a time

Last week I had a problem with 1 of my servers. The problem seemed to revolve around a certain site being visited.
I was able to obtain a list of the sites that had been visited from that server. So now the only thing I needed to do was to visit the sites in the list.
Since I wasn’t too eager to copy/paste each url into an IE window this is what I did.

First thing was to create a small batch file containing the following:
for /f "tokens=* delims=$" %%i in (‘type urls.txt’) do call IEVisit.bat %%i
The urls.txt contains the websites you want IE to visit (no need for http:// in front of the domain).
Then I created IEVisit.bat which contains the following:
start "" /wait "c:Program FilesInternet ExplorerIEXPLORE.EXE" "%1"
This takes the variable of the first script and passes it to Internet Explorer. IE in turn visits the website and then waits for me to close IE before opening the next url.
I was first looking at powershell to help me out with this but I wasn’t  certain that powershell could create the same effect in such an easy way. (please contact me if I’m wrong so that I can publish the script here and make you famous!)
So there you go, a very simple way to help you go through a bunch of urls without having to copy/paste, click or anything. Enjoy!
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