ZFS: upgrading a 3 way mirror to a 2 way mirror with bigger drives

I’ve been running Napp-IT for a couple of years for my photo’s and other important stuff. My drives are a couple of years old so it was really time to upgrade from a 2 TB 3-way mirror to a 4 TB 2-way mirror.
These are the steps I took to accomplish this.First remove the third drive from the mirror:

zpool detach poolname <drivename>


Then add a new larger drive and use the Napp-IT menu to replace one of the 2TB drives:
replace drive

After that Napp-IT will issue the replace command and the system will start a resilver process to get the drives back in sync.
You can watch the process by issuing:

zpool status poolname -v

Wait for the resilver process to finish before adding the second 4 TB drive.

Now that both new drives are installed you will still see that the capacity hasn’t increased
2016-06-12 08_50_50-So to help Omni-OS issue the following commands:

zpool online -e poolname  <drivename>

Do that for each drive then issue the following command to see the increased capacity:

zpool list poolname


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