Error:The Citrix servers reported that they are too busy to provide access to the selected resource

I came across this error in a Mixed 4.0 / 4.5 MPS Farm. The users would try to access the 4.5 server (which was the only 4.5 server in the farm) and they would receive this error message.
The complete error was:
The Citrix servers reported that they are too busy to provide access to the selected resource. This message was reported from the XML Service at address http://someotherserver:80 [com.citrix.xml.NFuseProtocol.RequestAddress]. 

So what can we do about this error?

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The complete Q&A from the Citrix XEN Masterclass webinar

A couple of weeks back I attended the excellent Citrix XEN Masterclass webinar. There were a LOT of questions fired on all kinds of XEN topics.
Because there were so many great questions during the webinar I didn’t want that information to be lost, so in this post I’m providing all the Q&A stuff from that session. If you have a question about XEN Server, chances are that the answer is in here.

These question were all asked in a “ask me over a beer” scenario so in other words: The answers do not represent the opinion of Citrix in any way shape or form.

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How to manually uninstall and remove a corrupted Citrix MPS (4) server from a Farm.

citrix-logo[2] Came across a server which due to circumstances was unable to start the IMA service. (starting the IMA service would just crash the IMA process)
I toyed with the system for a while but since the server needed to be reinstalled anyway I needed to uninstall Citrix manually so here are the steps I took:

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Citrix SSL error 61 You have not chosen to trust…

linicaclient Well to be more precise,  the exact error was:
You have not chosen to trust "Equifax Secure Global eBusiness CA-1", the issuer of the server’s security certificate (SSL error 61).
More and more people are dipping their toes in Linux and Apple computing these days only to find that they cannot connect to their Citrix environment using Firefox for example. Here’s how to fix that..

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