A solution to an Arraydif challenge on codewars.

The Challenge

Your goal in this kata is to implement a difference function, which subtracts one list from another and returns the result.
It should remove all values from list a, which are present in list b keeping their order.
So array_diff([1,2,2,2,3],[2])
should leave this for list a: [1,3]

I came up with this:

def array_diff(a, b):
    for item in b:
            while True:
        except ValueError:

On a positive note all I can say is: it’s A solution but not THE solution 😀
After checking the best practices,a list comprehension is so much better. You live, you learn:

def array_diff(a, b):
    return [x for x in a if x not in b]

Which is a very elegant way of saying, give me everything in list a that is not in list b.
I read on a topic about writing code that this is mostly how things go. You first focus on solving the problem after which you end up with a version of working but inefficient code. The next next step should be, to go through the code and refactor anything that improves readability and efficiency.